Tools. Apps. Gear.

You will find on this page my toolbox, from the hardware to the software I use.


  • Logitech G435 headset - Simple, light and comfortable.

  • Samsung Book - I like the design of this laptop, and with the memory upgrade, I believe I'll stick with it for a long time.


  • Hyper - A beautiful and extensible terminal.

  • VSCode - The best code editor.

  • Dracula Pro - 🎨 The best developer theme in the world!


  • Figma - Figma has replaced all the Adobe tools I used to use. 🥰


  • 1Password - I don't know any more passwords.

  • Cron - Simply the best calendar.

  • Grammarly - A tool that helps me a lot! (I'm not a native English speaker) 😅

  • Notion - Simply mandatory. In it, I keep and organize everything! ✅


  • Supabase - A no-brainer database and auth solution for side projects.

  • Vercel - The best developer experience. 🚀

Other Tech

  • Nintendo Switch - I am a fan of 🧝🏻‍♀️ Zelda games.