Drawing has always been a part of me; my earliest memories are filled with sketches and colours.

Over time, as life grew busier, my moments with pencils and paper became scarce. Yet, the passion never faded.

Bit by bit, I plan to share my creations here. 🌱

A stylized cosmonaut in a white suit stands on a dark lunar surface, staring into the vast space with a large white moon in the backdrop.
A mermaid sitting on a rock in the middle of the sea, gazing at a large moon surrounded by stars.
A solitary cartoon-like figure with large white eyes stands in a vast snowy landscape, leaving a trail of footsteps behind.
A graphic poster titled 'Dracula' with a minimalist castle on a hill under a yellow full moon in a starry night sky, dated Winter, 2023.
Silhouetted figures resembling classic characters (Dracula on the left and Grinch on the right) with pointed ears and furry outlines stand facing each other, with a colourful gradient background suggesting a mysterious encounter.
A stylized Dracula holding a goblet stands against a dramatic red moon backdrop, with a silhouette of a gothic castle in the distance.

⚡ Hover to see in colour, and click to view in larger size and details with my notes.


I try to keep it minimal.

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